Brass Band spiller på San Vicente d P

Vi har nylig fått en hyggelig epost fra Jorge Pachacama, lederen og dirigenten i Brass Band del Ecuador. De takker for sist og ønsker Ecuadorklubben en riktig god jul. Førstkommende torsdag skal de ha en stor julekonsert i La Catedral i Quito og fredag skal de faktisk besøke barnehjemmet San Vicente de Paul og spille for de ansatte og barna der. Her følger nyhetsbrevet Brass Band’et sender til interesserte:

«Dear friend,
We are pleased to tell all our news in this, our news letter. As we promised, we will be sending one every three months.
During the last week of holidays we held a series of meetings with the  teachers of System, our music school, to empower them in their  respective areas under the Teaching Competency  Model, already implemented in the Brass Band of Ecuador. This is to improve the quality of education for the children. Before class began, we prepared the pianos that we received from Germany, as  well as two received previously, which will allow more children to be  able to attend classes weekly. We realized that one of them had been a little beaten-up on the journey, but it is now in good condition. We then cleaned all of the musical instruments we have which took a couple of days. This task was undertaken by one of the student leaders of the  project. With the house clean and tidy we were ready to start classes on September 3!

At the start of September, two of our students began learning German at the Humboldt House, thanks to the support we are receiving through half  scholarships. It is very encouraging our students to have this opportunity.

The German Embassy, prompted by the achievements of each of our  projects, decided that we would be responsible for the October 3rd  concert celebrating the annual National Day of German Unity. Like every year, this was very emotional and the Ambassador once again confirmed his confidence and support for us.

In mid-October we had a pleasant surprise when several boxes arrived from England, from the publisher ABRSM. They contained method books for each family of instruments, and musical scores for various formats in C and D . The children and young people were very happy because this donation gives us a sense of security, as we will have new musical material for rehearsals and concerts for the coming  seasons.
Also in October a young volunteer from England, Sophie  Wettern, arrived. She is with the programme Lattitude Global Volunteering,  who we have worked with for more than seven  years. She supports us each evening by teaching  English and piano classes  to our students.

On November 11th, we were able to make the dream a reality for 10  children, who received a musical instrument. For these children and their families it was a special day, as they can now change their present and future and make it more worthwhile and  beneficial as they develop their musical skills.

In December, the general director Patricia Anaguano and Bryan Pachacama  (who is nine years old), who plays the trumpet and percussion  extraordinarily well, will be in Munich (10 to 22 December). They will  be receiving a  donation of our first string instruments, and also making the most of their trip by giving a couple of presentations and  displaying and selling products, including BB Kaffee and BB Wintekleidung. We are deeply appreciative to Mrs. Barbara Mader for her help in enabling  us to start teaching string instruments in our project

Finally, We can say this time have more strengthened the music education in our students
As you know Christmas is coming. We are preparing for the Christmas  concerts at the moment, and will tell you about them in the next  newsletter. Thank for your time for reading our news!

If you would like to make a donation, you can make it directly to our bank account in Ecuador.

Account number: 315 764 2100
Name of legal representative: JORGE EDISON PACHACAMA HUACHO
Swift Code: PICHECEQ
Address: Av. Amazonas y Pereira

Remember that your donation will support valuable Ecuadorian children and young  people, creating opportunities both for their present and their future.
We would like to thank you already for your support and wish both you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your help and for being part of our project!

Jorge Pachacama and Patty Anaguano»

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